Renewing Your Mind [iTunes] [RenewingYourMind.com]

Renewing Your Mind is a daily podcast from Ligonier Ministries that airs sermons from R.C. Sproul and other notable pastors. R.C. Sproul’s legacy as an extraordinarily gifted communicator with a true knack for making complex topics understandable is widely-regarded, even among those with theological differences. Renewing Your Mind is an excellent source of sermons, theology lectures, and more.

Life and Books and Everything [iTunes] [clearlyreformed.org]

“Life and Books and Everything is a podcast hosted by Kevin DeYoung where discussions center on, well, life and books and everything. As a church pastor and theology professor, Kevin loves to talk about faith, theology, history, current events, and the occasional hot topic. The format for LBE includes interviews with leading authors and thinkers, recurring conversations with Justin Taylor and Collin Hansen, and the occasional solo musing from Kevin. Listen in and we hope you will learn something, laugh a little, and get some good book recommendations along the way.”

The Mortification of Spin [iTunes] [reformation21.org]

“Mortification of Spin is a casual conversation about things that count. Todd Pruitt and Carl Trueman deliver a humorous, informal podcast with bite. Listen each week for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation on the challenges facing the Church and the Christian, and decide for yourself if words spoken in a British accent truly carry more weight…”

The White Horse Inn [iTunes] [whitehorseinn.org]

“Do all paths lead to God? Is the Bible history or mythology? Are we saved by grace or good works? Featuring panelists from a variety of Christian traditions, this program seeks to answer questions like these by paying close attention to the text of Scripture in its original historical context. If you want to better understand what you believe and why you believe it, subscribe to this podcast!”

5 Minutes in Church History [iTunes] [ligonier.org]

“Travel back in time with Stephen Nichols to look at the people, events, and places that have shaped the story of Christianity. This podcast offers an accessible glimpse into how God has worked in the church and how this can encourage us today.”

Confessing Our Hope [iTunes] [gpts.edu]

“As the podcast of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Confessing Our Hope provides biblically Reformed theological content from a distinctively confessional Presbyterian perspective.” 
Each month a new episode is released that involves responding to a handful of listener questions. Feel free to submit one yourself- they have answered mine before!

Crossway Podcast [iTunes] [crossway.org]

A new podcast that “[sits down] with authors each week for thoughtful interviews about the Bible, theology, church history, and the Christian life.” 

Pastors’ Talk [iTunes] [9marks.org]

“Pastors’ Talk is a weekly conversation between Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever about practical aspects of the Christian life and pastoral ministry.” This is in some ways geared toward pastors and church leaders, but could be helpful for any interested Christian.

Ask Pastor John [iTunes] [RSS Feed]

John Piper is a one-of-a-kind author, pastor, and speaker, who is known for his passion in connecting biblical truth with our everyday lives. In each episode of Ask Pastor John, Piper takes 10-15 minutes to answer tough and relevant questions submitted by listeners every week. This podcast is great for spare moments, short commutes, or other occasions you have free time throughout the day.

The Briefing [iTunes] [albertmohler.com]

The Briefing is a popular and well-regarded source of Christian news and current event commentary by Dr. Al Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It’s heralded as concise yet content-rich. 

For a more comprehensive catalog of broadly Evangelical and Reformed podcasts, visit either of the lists at Monergism or Reasonable Theology.

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